Santa Arrived At YANKEE CANDLE

Saturday, November 30 was a super big day …. Kayden’s first birthday! (Kayden’s 1st Birthday Bash)

But first on that days events … Santa’s arrival to Yankee Candle by helicopter. It’s been a family tradition since 2008 after the birth of my first son Sean. We have gone every year since, and it’s been awesome even if we never have made it inside to see Santa after his arrival by helicopter, the children mainly go for that anyways.

But every year we go and every year it’s awesome one year when we broke out in let it snow let it snow it actually snowed they where shocked and well it was amazing I did dig up some old pictures from a few years back I’m hunting for my 2008/2009 pictures… all add them in a special post of course.

But below are the pictures from this past visit…

MOO !!!!! lol 

M Fuller Photography {Mary Fuller}

what a HAM!!!!

ready to dance 

doesn’t know what to think of me lol 

little reindeer 

reindeer sisters 



he’s here!!!! 

Santa arrived early this time and it was awesome cause we where frozen… 

just a little frozen but still cute according to friends 


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