… the week that changed me …

… the week that change me … 
Congratulations you’ve made it through a week of trail and stress along with learning who you can ultimately trust and confide in. 

On November 15th, of 2013 I celebrated a family thanksgiving with my parents and siblings which left a day of rest the next day and a day of fun with my boys and their daddy, which ended up with my youngest getting sick and by sick I don’t mean just some silly little common cold, I mean sick to the I’m calling the doctors in the morning we are taking you in sick.

Monday morning I awake at the earliest part of my day with a sick congested baby boy who can’t breath for some reason… so we call his doctors office and set up a appointment for early morning and find out he’s not allowed to attend school till the next day which is fine except that’s not what happened. As the day progressed and we spent the afternoon cuddling and sleeping he progressed and got sicker but no one was around to watch him so out we went to get his older brothers only to get home to have him have a fever of 104.3 that warranted a call his normal doctors office after hours on call staff that had me baffled and straight out annoyed… 

please be advised that we can’t tell you to bring your child to the hospital ER until their fever reaches 105 so please administer a dose of medication and watch them.

as you can see to my complete bafflement that wasn’t what i wanted to hear when my son was burning up at 104.3 when prior i was told to bring a infant to the hospital if their fever hit 103. 

Well we spent time at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital … we arrived at 9:47 pm we didn’t leave until a little after 1:15 in the morning the following day… we where there and had testing done between x-ray’s and physical exams this poor boy went through the ringer only to find out he had the start to what was the FLU! Seriously… the flu… oh well at least we got answers and where told to follow up with his doctors the following day. Saw a doctor that was a plan out right DICK and shouldn’t be allowed to practice with children for lack of professionalism. But we went through with the appointment and was told my son had an Ear Infection after earlier in the week he didn’t have one and even in the hospital he didn’t have one, then a few hours later at his appointment he did. At that appointment I was also directed to stop using the Motrin and keep the acetaminophen fever reducer to my child, yet that didn’t seem to work as later that night we where bringing him back to the ER the next morning with a fever higher than the first fever. Yet when  I get home and attempt to follow doctors new orders things go horribly wrong… he seems to do better when given medication but yet he’s still not breaking a fever.

My son ended up back in the ER then the ER staff called over in confusion to why they’d removed medication to lower the fever and well we ended up going back to being on the first set of orders on top of the new medication for the ear infect and a follow up appointment.

After his follow up appointment he seemed to do better and that was good … pictures below of my most trying moments during his illness … I was so lost…


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