Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

The Hatt Family take on the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory!
November 29th, 2013!
   Hey ya’ll this trip was fun and neat cause the kids got to pick out their color teddy bear from the one’s they had available to help stuff … it was an early Christmas gift, the whole crew got one. Sean, Connor, Kayden, Cousin Aleah, myself and well even the hubby. 
We packed up and loaded up a little later than we planned and had many pit stops the morning have when we realized that we left the diaper bag at home… Ooops that’s what we got for rushing… Grrr dope! But that’s okay we managed to hit up Big Y in Greenfield.  Then off we went … for a lovely 3 hour 20 minute drive all the way up to Shelburne, Vermont. Once we got to the teddy bear factory there was no doubt in our mind that this was going to be neat we could see the love in these bears. As we waited for our Tour which was to take place at 2 pm we walked around and of course took ton’s of photo’s so many to post so I picked my favorites. 

Kayden all bundled and ready to go! 

Connor ready to go!

hiding from the heat

Cousin Aleah

morning selfie of myself

and away we go!

bringing some FUEL 

Running on DUNKIN’ and photobombing my cousin!

Welcome to VERMONT!!!!


sightseeing in Vermont and we spotted a town!

beautiful views -mountains-

tour pin


The Hatt’s Family 

FAMILY (Aleah, Me, Kayden, Sean, Connor & Lorne)


My husband and myself!

We are something special!

So proud of his rolled out 51 cents!

Brothers with a teddy bear as big as them!

Aleah placing the heart of her bear in her bear

Kayden placing his heart in his bear… awe he’s too cute!

Sean’s turn!

Connor’s turn and that was the most he’d do… lol 

Chilling with their newly adopted babies… Sean & his Teddy Bear Connor and his bear (which sadly I can’t recall a name) yikes!

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory…. Shelburne Vermont!

That was Cute and super neat

Connor and his mummy!

Sean and his mommy (duck face cause we are awesome!)

Kayden and Dada!

Sean and Aleah!

hugging his teddy who’s wearing blue undies 

hugging his teddy who’s wearing black undies

little man walking around with his teddy

snuggles with his teddy

snuggles with his teddy

best friends for life!
These boys had a blast along with their cousin Aleah. I had a blast with my husband as we watched out children learn and laugh creating memories and enjoying life and all that we can do for them. Sean, Connor & Kayden had a blast at the Teddy Bear Factory in Vermont and had fun when we had dinner at Denny’s and yeah I did as we say a JOHN when you sit there and spot a Denny’s outta now where in a place you’ve never been! Yup very proud moment when I found good ole American food … ha ha ha breakfast anytime!

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