December 2013

December 2013 Giving Challenge!

December 2013 Giving Challenge … something new to myself and my family! 

In December I’ve decided to take on some new life traditions that can steam down to my family. So after chatting with my mother and hearing her love for this Elf on a Shelf… I decided to start that tradition with my three son’s and well they are over excited about it. I’m also starting 25 days of giving something similar to my 30 days of thanks where I wrote about what I was thankful for where this is me giving 25 random people gifts… (except tonight the lucky random person just happened to be my mother) and 15 nights of reading… I bought books from their school to raise money for their class room books and was going to keep them out yet wrapping them for one book a night sounds funner and neater!
So we start tonight with our elf and he’s unnamed 😦 we must name him… and well then we have our advent calendar that we started… (yum) and 15 days before the 25th we are starting the reading challenge and then we wrap up the holidays with a CLASSIC as my husband calls it the night of Christmas Eve … The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation all before bed!
New Traditions for my family

-Elf on a SHELF
-15 Day’s of reading!
-25 Day’s of giving

Old Traditions

-Advent Calendar
-Movie night on Christmas Eve!

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