Thanksgiving with the Hatt’s

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

   Thanksgiving with the Hatt’s had to have been amazing in my eyes, my youngest got to have his first thanksgiving dinner and actually eat it … because when we celebrated it early he passed out before getting to the turkey but ate all the sides. But this time he ate everything. 

Thanksgiving day started promptly at 8:00 am on the dot not a person in the house was asleep… okay I was lazy as heck and stayed in bed until 9:00 am cause I was watching the Macy’s Day Parade as my boy’s called up to their Aunt to see if they could visit before lunch… to much a surprise they ALL went up … Hub’s came back and well we got ready for our crazy day which ended with a drive to Easthampton to pick up our cousin. But back to the actual day as it went…

8 am the house awake for some quality family time via older boys bombarding our bed and Kayden’s crib… lol it’s always cute to see them sit next to him and convince dad to take him out so they can run a muck at our feet. And soon after that they where dressed and off to their Aunty’s for some quality time as this weekend was going to be hectic coming up. I of coursed watched the Macy’s day parade to find the UMass Marching Band…. it was pretty amazing. After which we got ready to head off to Lorne’s mother’s house for some killer lunch and desert. Then we chatted about their black shopping spree they where going to attend while we sleep and get well rested for Friday’s fun…then it was home bound we went as we where cooking a TURKEY DINNER AGAIN… yet it was fun during the cooking process we made some ornaments for the Christmas tree we are getting later this week… we made some hand print pictures too! Then we ate our dinner and off to bed them little boys went while daddy ventured out to get cousin Aleah… and well that wrapped up our day…

Pictures below of the fun of  Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner in THEIR ROOM

Bruce carving the Turkey

Sneaking pictures all around and hello Apple Pie

anxiously awaiting TURKEY DINNER

Yum turkey and great job Bruce!

Set for Life!

Snack time  
Camera War!!!!

Pure Love

Pure Love

My Killer Turkey

strip to the undies cause we painted!

Hand Prints!

Thanksgiving 2013

What we where thankful for!

ready to STUFF with stuffing

Mr Sexy himself making some stuffing

me making stuffed celery

Sisters…. apparently I have two female kittens 

chilling waiting for dinner

my boys!

Dinner and yes I needed two plates!

Hopefully your thanksgiving was amazing, the food was great and the memories last a life time!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hatt Family to


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