Kayden’s 1st Birthday Bash!

Happy 1st Birthday Kayden!

Happy Birthday Kayden! Mama Love’s You!

Happy Birthday Kayden! Dada Love’s You!

Happy Birthday Kayden! I Love You, Love Seanie Bear!

Happy Birthday Kayden! I Love You! Love Chunk Monk

Happy 1st Birthday to our little man, you came with such shock with no warning and we a great blessing even if family thought it was crazy for such thing to happen. You rocked your day with your cuteness and shocking way to attacking all challenges, from opening gifts to eating cake to crashing at your party. 

Kayden Lucas was born on November 30 of last year… he weighed 8 lbs 5 ozs and was 20 1/2 inches long he was my only pregnancy were an epidural failed… COMPLETELY FAILED… so it was pretty much a natural birth … as I felt every nasty contraction to him being pushed out… much of what I missed with Sean and Connor as I had the epidural yet Connor was smooth and easy as he was a peanut weighing nothing but just a little over 5 lbs. Kayden was born with the possible sticky lungs but was lucky and never had it… he’s just got a minor spat of Asthma that hopefully will be nothing and he out grows it. This weekend we celebrated his birthday with family since most friends couldn’t make it and most family didn’t show it was a smaller party than planned… gotta love the we are coming then don’t even get a we aren’t coming message and still plan on it… oh well more for us.

Kayden started his birthday off very magical when we went off to Yankee Candle in South Deerfield to see Santa arrive by helicopter then off to grab a couple things before home to prep for his day. His first birthday was a wonderful day for all of us but especially him… so below are some neat pictures of his SPECIAL DAY!

Kayden and Mama at Yankee Candle 

he just doesn’t know what to think of me with my antlers 

Home and Warmed up after a fun morning seeing Santa arrive at Yankee Candle

November 30, 2013 (Kayden 1 Year Old)

Birthday Boy’s CAKE 

Kayden’s cake that was shared with the family 


Opening gifts 

more opening gifts 

Opening his gifts and getting help from his older brothers 

HE FOUND IT …. his Favorite toy!


He’s colorful

OUT COLD…. in bed by 7:30 pm after a early day and a busy one at that!

Kayden had a wonderful birthday we everyone and loved the video’s that were sent, and the texts he got… his face lit up with everyone a read and he watched… He had a beautiful and magical day… it was great even if it was little rushed.


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