Day Twenty-Nine {30 Days of Thanks}

30 days of thanks Day Twenty-Nine

we’ve made it to day twenty-nine and I’m pretty excited and happy with myself as I’ve made it this far!!!! pretty pleased with my thanks list too… honestly it’s nerve wrecking and well helpful to making every day in life count. 
So today I’m truly thankful for the traditions I’ve been able to partake in and learn as well as the traditions I’ve created with my own family. I’m thankful because these traditions keep family memories in tacked, help teach my children(if you have children), and keep people close as they want to be apart of one another’s traditions. Mine stem from holidays, birthday’s to ones I’ve created for minor days… example Grandparents Day, Sisters Day, and some of those silly little days that aren’t well known all the way to personal anniversaries. 
What are you truly thankful for?!
Black Friday doesn’t count it goes against giving thanks and being thankful… I can say I went ONCE saw the lines and only had $300.00 and well walked out with my money after seeing cop friends working and friends working at the store… so I’ve yet to go again… I have three kids I so most my shopping LAST MINUTE sadly…. next year I’m going to start in November. Well you’ve been asked… now get it some thought and do the last two days. 

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