Day Twenty-Eight {Thanksgiving}

Day Twenty-Eight {Happy Thanksgiving}

What are you most thankful for?! 
              Today I’m thankful for everything I am fortunate enough to have, I don’t spend what I don’t have I don’t take what I don’t need, I was raise to be a sweet southern bell but born in the north so I’ve got a class of sass you’ve never seen.
               I’m truly thankful for my family, especially my mother and father as if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here writing this blog and sharing my life with you all. I’m very thankful for my friends as you’ve kept me grounded during some crazy times in my life especially when my parents couldn’t bare to be civil. I’m also thankful for my Ex’s yes as crazy as it sounds I’m thankful for you guys as you’ve shown me what I don’t need in my life and what I do… some of you where mistakes and some… well we keep in contact as we are better off friends, and no for the readers we don’t hang out much we just keep in minor contact. I’m thankful for the love I’m able to share with my children along with my family and friends. I’m thankful for a lot in life and I’m thankful I’m able to teach and share my stories and lessons with my children.

What are you thankful for?! Have you thought about it?! Would you if asked?! 
Consider yourself asked…

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