Oven Baked Potatoes

Oven Baked Potatoes
Okay so for the last three nights I’ve made oven baked potatoes and each time I’ve made them different or well kind of different so here’s my Chicken Broth Oven Baked Potatoes.

I will post the other two ways later… enjoy!

Chicken Broth Baked Potatoes:
5-6 medium to large potatoes
1 10oz can of Campbell’s Chicken Broth
oregano leaves
basil leaves
parsley flakes
season salt
garlic powder
marjoram leaves
italin seasoning
What you’ll need:
cake pan/or foil pan (works best if you don’t want a lot to have to pick up)
cutting board
preheat oven to a lovely 400 degrees!
peel potatoes and rinse once that’s done cut them in half and then the half in half once that’s accomplish take the halfs in cut into decent sized potatoes I cut mine in 1/2 inche bite size pieces.

now that has been done place them in the pan that you’re going to cook them in once you’ve done that add 1/2 can of Chicken Broth but for go the water portion

then add the seasons to your liking … I personally only add about two dashes of each then mix it all up and cover with aluminum foil which I poke some holes in to let vent…. then I let the oven do the magic checking it roughly every 20 minutes to make sure it’s not sticking to the pan


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