We Had A Dusting

  So on Saturday night everyone was all over facebook chatting about how it was snowing like a blizzard outside, and well really when they where all chatting Pelham was getting nothing and you’d figure we’d be the first to have ANY snow. So the first picture is while facebook is blowing up with all this talk about snow and me sitting at home with kids wondering where our SNOW is. Yes I’m a born and breed snow lover, though my parents have grown to hate it don’t get me wrong temp. like today at 12 degree’s killed me as I’ve got skinny people problems and freeze in like ten point two seconds flat and turn all kinds of shades of purple and blue, you’d think I’d hate the snow too but I don’t I love it. 
Pelham, Massachusetts at night with NO SNOW (Saturday)
Snow no sooner do I complain that their isn’t any… bite my tongue and shut my mouth! SNOW!!!!
Yukon covered in snow!
flood light lighting up the snow fall 
SNOW!!!! Sunday morning! such a beautiful site to see 
ICE not such a pretty site… mean’s trouble getting in and out of cars!!!!
So yes we did get snow and yes I loved it and yes I froze in it but did it bother me… NO did I blab on facebook about it … hell yes … I love the snow and so do my snow loving friends we all talked about the snow while the snow haters told us to HUSH UP… lol oh well winter is coming and so is the snow better learn to accept it!
Can’t wait for more snow but nothing to crazy like October 2011!!!! Yikes!!!!


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