Day Twenty Six {30 Days of Thanks}

Day Twenty-Six
can’t believe in four day’s my 30 days of giving thanks blog will end… but only with posting of course all never stop givng thanks for anything I have, anything I’ve done or anything I’m able to do and the people in my life.
Day Twenty-Six: Today I’m thankful for the roof over my head… and rooves I’ve had over my head as a child, I come from a broken home as the courts call it. Both parents divorced and seperated and well they hated each other for the longest time and are finally starting to suck stuff up for their grandchildren. But its reassuring to know that if we need a place we have a place, for instance when we had to October Nor-Eastern that took us all by surprise and I don’t just mean my family I mean all of WESTERNMASS who wasn’t ready for this storm…  we had gone a week out of our home and had to take shelter with my mom the only one who had heat, electricty, and safety for us. She opened her home up to us without hesitation and it’s nice to know that I can still fall back on my mom and parents when need be.
So be thankful for the little things including the place you live cause most people aren’t as lucky as the rest of us.
What are you THANKFUL FOR?! Have you ever stopped to think about it, I have and I’m thankful for having theses moments in life to sit here and pin-point every single one!

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