Day Twenty-Five {30 Days of Thanks}

Day Twenty-Five:

Today I’m thankful for …the local farmers.
This goes to Chester’s Farm (the local farm next to me run by my husbands family), the farmers in Hadley that have the BEST corn on the con come summer. They work from dawn till dusk and then some, I know first hand I’ve helped out on the farm next door, it ain’t easy and it ain’t boring. 
The farmers have a way of living no city man or woman could ever understand. I’m truly thankful for all that they do, all that they provide and all they can teach. 

some don’t do it for the money while some do
some don’t do it for the fame (yes sometimes you can become a popular farmer and well that can become I er whelming when you have small farm while some do (that plays back to the money)

So just be thankful for the little things you have! 
what are you thankful for?! have you thought about it?! would you think about it?! 

only five days left and I’m pretty excited to start December’s tasks! 

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