Day Twenty-Four {30 Days of Thanks}

Day Twenty-Four:

Today I’m thankful for a lot and I’m not a greedy person but today I’m thankful for being able have had pets and to still have pets, they are a important not only for us adults but for our children too, they can be their best friend in times of need and just a comfort to know that they’ve got someone when they feel that they don’t (not that I give my children that chance… EVER!!!! in my house the most common word you hear is LOVE, we love you or miss you and that’s a shocker cause I hear that when I’m in the kitchen making food and not with them bonding) but for me when I was a child I was picked on to no ends and well my cat and pup where my best friends when I had none. They listened to me and even made me feel loved just by the simple twist of the head when listening to me, nudging me when I was crying to just get their face to mine to give me a kiss, and well just to keep me company when chilling in my bed.

My kids each have a kitten (minus the baby) and each kid has a pup! They are in love with their pet’s and their pets are in love with them. They even try to have them sleep with them but they are so restless  they never stay long… but we are very thankful to have our pets… our companions in life. 


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