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I was sent this on facebook and watched it while at work … and cried my eyes out …
my second son came into my life a month early on his own at his own time… he was ready though mummy wasn’t, we had minor complications but nothing to serious as to what was shared in this video and nothing that wasn’t seen before but then my third pregnancy was a bicker and battle when it came to fighting to have me induced a week early because something was wrong I could feel it as I was in constant pain (with no matter what I did) that was causing distress to the baby who was born with meconium in the womb (basically he was breathing on his own and taking in poop, the babies first poop!) which could lead to sticky lungs and breathing issues later in life (for most could be constant soar throats, asthma (which he’s got), although our stories are very different this video spoke to me, to my heart… I felt their pain, there sadness and their happiness and want to help share that premature birth is a serious issue and that we help lower that birth rate… so please watch something truly beautiful. 


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