FaceTime with Santa!!!!!

Who can’t say they haven’t dreamed about meeting Santa Claus?! Right I doubt anyone of you said no unless you don’t celebrate Christmas. Then I’m sorry this post might not apply to you. But for me and my family I recall countless times where my siblings and I up until I caught Santa and then it became something more tried to see Santa…

But now that I’m a parent and I have three handsome little boys who are absolutely hands down the funniest when it comes to telling stories, making you laugh and ultimately making you feel like a million bucks… deserve the freedom to believe that Santa Claus does exist. I won’t crush them because that would be completely wrong… my husband have them help us set up Santa’s snack bar and by snack bar Santa gets a whole assortment of treats and that goes for the reindeer too! 
We leave a TV tray with practically a quick meal… cookies, drink, snacks for the reindeer and a thank you note for him too!!!! I like to go all out with my kids. 
But back to this app… I was curious so I clicked it and well the way my phone works is from the app ad on Facebook we flung over to the iTunes section where this app appeared with everything you needed to know about it from scheduling Santa’s calls to leaving it up to yo to call Santa…. if even syncs with your Facebook so the video goes straight to Facebook so everyone can see it … what a neat app right. Yet I haven’t tested it yet that’s what this weekend is for.

Hello Santa: App that allows you to face-time with Santa Claus


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