November Wrap Up & December Start Up

Wow December is near!!!!

& November’s almost over!!!!

  I’m a mother to three boys who love to do arts & crafts and well they get that from me. We’ve expermented with snowglobes, we’ve done a What Are You Thankful For? board where they each said what they where thankful for and it’s pretty neat to hear what a 3 year old and 5 year old have to say. We’ve also done turkey drawings for thanksgiving, I’ve blogged daily for what I’m thankful for and will until the end of November and I’ve done so on here and my facebook account too. I’m looking at making snowman finger printed oranments along with reindeer finger printed oranments, we are also in the works to make a HATT’s Hands Family Tree! I’m also going to try something my sister suggested… Oranments made out of glass and melted crayons which is going to require some adult help when it comes to little kids, glass and objects getting hot.

I’m looking for some new things to do… those are fun but I want to get more creative with my kids and do somethings that are more hands on for them.

-turkey hands
-snowman family
-turkey hand family
-hands family tree
-30 days of thanks
-advant calendar
-pictures with santa
-letters to santa

So i’m seeking reader help here… from new ideas to what do you … did it work, and what did you do to make it work?! I know my snowglobes came with some trial and error… I won’t lie there… they aren’t perfect but they are unique.


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