… not the right way to start the week …

After my lovely weekend my youngest seemed to be just getting a common cold that would be okay well … boy was this mama wrong…

it’s Monday at 08:15 and I’m making my phone call to Amherst Pediatrics for my youngest as he’s just broken a fever but his cough was nasty … 09:00 appointment okay all take it … drop my older boys off and well head off to the doctors appointment. it’s now 09:15 we’ve taken his temp and he’s got a slight fever 100.3 not bad but not the greatest and his weight perfect at 25lbs and 5ozs… come to find out he’s for a cold with what seems to be bronchitis spaz’ems which could get worse … well after a day of rest… so we get home I get him to his crib where he gets a new bottle a lovely 8oz bottle of sweetness to him and he takes a nap till close till 14:00 where this mama offers potatoes, busicuts and well two different bottles to see if he’s hungry or thirsty and well they both where pushed away so we cuddles some until he passed out again … so I let him sleep till 16:50 when I woke him to get his brothers from pre-school and well we had to grab a few things at the store and he was fine seemed fine very quiet which wasn’t normal but I just brushed it off as his cold he had yet … that wasn’t the case, get him home get everyone inside let him cool down and well check his temp after endless whimpering and fussiness and well it was 104.3 and was advised to call the on call doctors office when I stated what was going wrong they said they’d have the doctor call me back or nurse one of the two … the advice given 
“you don’t have to worry about bringing him in until his temp reaches 105.” – are you kidding me last I knew 104 was too high even for a adult… so I listened well kind of I still brought him to the emergency room and got looks of utter bafflement but relief that ignored doctors orders. 
So we arrive at 9:47 in the evening get checked in .., wait about ten minutes in the ER waiting room and are brought in for further check in and am placed in room 26 right away as they wanted to figure out what was up with him ASAP to make him comfy … as his fever his the highest at 104.4 in the ER so they all knew it was serious. 
Got into the room and had some medication administered by the nurse, and well prepped him for possible IV fluids (which thankfully it didn’t come to that), we had to wait and determine if blood work would be needed and thankfully not… as of yet. We had check x-Rays done and man I hated that it was horrible for me and worse for him but we needed to have it done. 
Got him back to the room and little fussy mussy man was able to cry himself to sleep with mummy and daddy taking turns rubbing his back and comforting him…. then daddy passed out next to him in his chair. 
Shortly after the doctor came in and said we had some choices … explained to us he had a very nasty virus but he can’t exactly say what’s wrong cause he’s a baby and said he would if we wanted to admit him for watch but didn’t seem to think it was our top cause his fever dropped (yay) and then we had you can take him home give him medication if he wakes up but if he doesn’t drink 2ozs by noon tomorrow bring him back to the ER so we can hook IV’s up … but at 5:30 this am he drank 8ozs (again yay) and slept till about 8:10 am and has a follow up doctors appointment at 10:15 with his pediatrics doctors office and not with his normal doctor either …. and of course this moms going another day without pay because little mans sick but hey his health comes before work, play and pretty much everything … except his brothers they are all equal. 
So here we sit Tuesday and we are curled up on the coach awaiting our travel time to go to the doctors office at 10:15 
Praying that his at home temp was accurate at 98.7 degrees 
My poor baby boy. 

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