Class Photo’s

So this year my boys are in Community Actions PreSchool and DayCare in Amherst and well as a proud mommy, mummy & mama that I am I was very excited and over eger to say yes to school portraits. Was even more flabbergasted when they had Lifetouch who photographed my elemtary years, middle school years and high school years. Except well I was sadly displeased with how my oldest sons photo came out only cause a tech couldn’t seem too follow directions that where on the papers we where to fill out. So maybe next year all take some time to help organize that. 

So here are my sons class photos as I’m still not releasing their actual school portraits. 

Sean’s class photo 
Butterfly Room
Connor’s class photo 
Dragonfly Room 
Kayden’s class photo 
Koala Room 

I’m one very blessed, pleased and over excited mommy, mummy, and mama because I’ve been blessed with three handsome, smart and talented boys who steal the hearts of everyone they meet. 


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