44 DAYS!!!!

2013 Re-Caps!
Who knew that 2013 ends in exactly 44 days! Not I … wow this year has flown by with so many good things and yes many terrible things too! Sad sad sad sad!
So with it ending in no more than 44 days it seems fitting while my memory still serves as I’m a parent of three restless, amazing and beautiful baby boys it slowly disappears it’s a great time to hit up those month achievements.
January 2013:
 –Connor’s third birthday
 -Mom (mine) had another birthday 
February 2013:
 -Valentines Day 2013
 -My 24th! Woot Woot Fun Nights
March 2013:
April 2013:
May 2013:
 -2 Years Married! Yay 5.21.2011
June 2013:
 -Dad’s Birthday
July 2013:
 -Hubby’s Birthday
 –4th of July
 -Aunty Crystals’ Birthday 
August 2013:
 -Got Job at UMass! Yay go me!
September 2013:
 -Sean’s 5th Birthday (Woot Woot-big boy)
 -Boy’s First Year of PreSchool and DayCare
October 2013:
 -Aunty Nicky’s Birthday
-Aunt Diana’s Birthday
-Aunty Besty’s Birthday
-Uncle James’ Birthday


November 2013:

  1.  Hatt’s Family Thanksgiving! 11.15.13
  2. Thanksgiving 2013
  3. Kayden’s 1st BIRTHDAY in 15 Days (or 14 since this post is going up on 11.16.13)
Decemeber 2013:

  1. Christmas
  2. Christmas Eve
  3. Hatt’s Christmas Dinner
  4. New Years
  5. New Years Eve

So in less than 15 day’s my youngest will be a year old, in less than 44 days this year will end, and well darn that mean’s this chapter’s finally coming to an end… yet it’s got so many questions left open and unanswered. 

I’m honestly and anxiously awaiting Kayden’s first birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate THANKSGIVING with my family (again) and experience a BF (not a boy friend either), and then get to celebrate the rest of the holidays!

Some family traditions we have in the Hatt’s Family will be posted in my blog… A Touch of Country in New England… check her out… she’s pretty neat!

-For Those Who Don’t Know ME… I will be posting a BLOG ENTRY Wrapping up 2013 and welcoming 2014… 

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