Day Fifteen {30 Day’s of Thanks}

Day Fifteen: I’m thankful for my son’s all of them but today’s thanks goes out to my second oldest the one who showed me that I’m a damn strong woman who can do almost anything on my own. 

The day he was born had to have been the craziest and most unpredictable day of not only my life but his as he chose to come a whole month early from my water spontaneously breaking that same day at the ass crack of dawn to delivery later that night as I had to wait to be seen to see if my water broke or I pissed on the floor & yes it was a wait I never made it to the hospital till 1pm and let me tell you that doctors appointment was priceless when my OB-GYN stated I should head over to labor and delivery … with horror on my face I said I’m not ready I thought I had a month I need to pack bags for myself and my baby do I have time to run home and grab that stuff required … he said yes but make it quick! 

that day was filled with stress and unbelievable actions that are still haunting to this day, worst part is those actions where on the start to a chain of them that lead me to where I am… but that’s okay it’s made me a stronger woman and mum (he calls me mummy) for that I’m thankful because it’s shown me that I can take on this world with all the ugly it has in it and still come out on top… I’m blessed to be his mummy and thankful for his life… mummy loves you Chunk Monk my always my peanut!

snuggles with my peanut who became my
chunky monkey


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