Prepping The Hatt’s Thanksgiving

Wow!!!! The Hatt’s Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!!!! Yikes!!!! 

Every year since 2007/2008 I’ve done my own thanksgiving… why because I used to have crazy thanksgivings between families as my parents and husbands parents are divorced. 
Well now it’s short of a tradition to host my own either before or near Thanksgiving myself & this year there’s only 2 thanksgivings I must worry about since my nana has passed on and gone to heaven… time for me to move to the kitchen. ha ha ha no evil woman puns! 
Well all blog about the tradition part in my other blog! But for this I will share the ups and downs of setting a dinner like this up with my crazy family. 
My mother and father divorced in 1993 and well don’t get along well… until recently when I’ve made it clear suck it up… put your damn big girl and boy panties on and do it for your damn kids and grand kids man and let me tell yeah they’ve gotten along…. (goes back to a really funny akward story when my older sister Diana came to the states- I will share soon) 
So to START…. 
first make a list a rough draft of who you want coming 
The Hatt’s Thanksgiving
-Lorne the hubby
-Sean, Connor & Kayden (the boys)
-papa Doug 
-miah (her bf)
-their kids Liam and Bailey 
once you have your list figure out how your going to inform them for myself I used FACEBOOK EVENTS and made it private.

Then once you’ve done that make sure you PICK A DATE that’s more towards the weekend or the weekend. Works best for those who work crazy hours, for my family we did a Friday cause my husband has the day off. Yay go me!!!!
After you’ve done those two things wrote out a long list of what you’ll need and pick out what you can cover then ask guest to help they are family so you shouldn’t feel like it’s too much to ask especially since your opening your home to them and fronting the main meal! 
Food Items 
-chocolate pudding pie 
-snacks (chips and stuff)
-stuffed celery (find that recipe on my other blog –A Touch of Country in New England…a good blog! 
Then share your list on your event and ask people to bring stuff .., easy and simple 
Well that’s how I host family meals for big holidays! hope this helps those naming something similar… good luck 

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