Lumpy Mashed Potatoes (Yummy)

I usually use 5 pounds of WHITE potatoes … I like their taste and well darn I’m picky and shockingly everyone who know’s me know’s that is true.

What you’ll need

-cutting board
-big pot
-whole milk

I  use about 6 medium to large potatoes and of course I just peel them no need to rinse before peeling… rinse after peeling though… dice to desired size for myself I cut in half then the halves in half then those halves of halves in half… yeah confusing sorry best way to explain it… then rinse again before adding to pot … once all potatoes are cut … add water to cover just over potatoes…. bring to boil and let cook … i add a pinch or two of salt

once they are to desired softness take them and strain them… then when mashing mash with lazy style… don’t beat it just add HALF STICK of BUTTER and desired amount of milk… make sure you don’t whip or beat them because then your killing the lumpy side of them… but you can beat and whip them and when you choose to do that add garlic powder to give added flavor.

But simple easy and take 45 minutes to make… lumpy mashed potatoes!


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