WhatsApp Messenger

Well I’m pretty happy that I logged onto facebook today while at work… and espcially more since I did day thirteen’s day of thirty thanks… yes I’m doing it on facebook too! Well after my sister Diana who was born and raised in Germany saw my post she started messaging me and told me of a mobile app that works for iphone users and well shockingly a crap ton of friends use it as well most of whom are in the army and marines but some other friends who have family accross the seas…

Well I downloaded the app and of course after 45 minutes of aimlessly searching google and bing I finally found the answers I was looking for and was able to finish setting this app up and started chatting with my sister and we had fun we exchaned photo’s and are planing a phone call for later this week. Tricky since she’s 6 hours ahead of me. As I sit here and write this out at 3:55 is’t really 9:55 there… crazy right! Since I don’t get out of work till 5:00 and get my kids till 5:30 and crap I have to get out early that day anyways… waaa!!!! Mainly for teacher updates with the my kids school!

Images below are of the app … It’s completely FREE for the FIRST YEAR then just $.99 a year after isn’t bad. Worth it in my eyes that little cost to be able to talk to family you can’t see… totally worth it!

Well add the app and tell me what you think. I love it!

the amazing APP that’s allowing me to talk to
my sister in Germany!

FREE completely FREE
for the FIRST YEAR then every year after
JUST $0.99 … NOT BAD!!!!


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