Day Thirteen {30 Day’s of Thanks}

Day Thirteen: (Purple is my brother’s favorite color and thirteen is his lucky number so this is for him!)

I’m thankful for my family and my parents but I’m also thankful for ALL of my siblings and I have many! If I didn’t have my older sister Diana Wasinski I’d be the oldest and well I like being the second oldest… I love you Sis and it’s sad I don’t get to see you like I want too. One day soon all make my way to Germany!

Crstal … hmmm what do I say about you that the world don’t already know… besides the pink & purple song of ours… I mean you’re always going to be a BRAT in my eyes then again I’m your big sister and that’s how you will always be in my eyes… LoL but I still love you non the less!

James you will always be that sweet innocent pesky little brother that would beg me to play cars with you… may your innocences be gone now it hasn’t changed your sweet side to get down and play cars with your nephews and teach them things I can’t and for that I thank you!

For my little brother Austin who I haven’t seen in many years… except at Nana’s passing may you always know I love you and will always call you my little brother… much love and hope to see you later in our lives… your still important to me!

For my little sisters Ash &Vic I love you very much and to me you will always my little sisters minons and mini’s!

For the family & friends I consider SIBLINGS take great honor in that because that’s as close as you can get to my heart even though it’s taken by THREE amazing babies!

Nicole my best friend, trouble maker and maid of honor to the god mother to my children we’ve been through so much seen and done so much I’m lucky to have you in my life as my ride or die partner in all the heckful antics we do when together!

Now Miss Katie Thompson that lovely sis who’s actually my COUSIN… you and I always manage to get into some kind of REDNECK TROUBLE that makes normal people cring yet makes us giggle stay the same beautiful we are one’s who keep PK on his toes!

As for the rest of you too many names to name sorry remeber you all hold a special place in my lifea and I’m blessed, honored and thankful for each and everyone of you!

God Bless and thank you all for being in my lives and allowing me to be in yours!


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