Photography Editing

With the Holiday’s coming some people are getting into the spirit of self editing photo’s and printing photo’s at home. 
Well some simple tips to follow… 

So now that the holiday’s are here and well everyone seems to be some kind of photographer now that they have Instagram … I’m going to share my actual photography tips. … And yes I did two years of photography! I know photography ins and outs of the dark room… yes it’s been awhile but I quick refresher wouldn’t hurt… all be honest.

First if your going to be printing at home … make sure you have a good quality printer so that your pictures won’t fade, run or come out light. 

Second make sure you have some good quality photo paper … not some stuff from the dollar tree unless you like wasting ink. 

Third… okay now that you’ve done that and your pictures are on your desktop, laptop or what ever you have… you have some choices… 


Online sites I personally use are
ribbet (very much like picnik)

Below are app’s that I have installed on my iPhone (some I did pay for the PRO one’s cause they gave more options)

iPhone applications for PHOTOGRAPHY

more iPhone applications for PHOTOGRAPHY

then edit your photo’s and print 🙂 
EASY and CHEAPER than spending hours at Wal*Mart, CVS, Walgreens and well any place that does photos. Well hopefully this helps figure out your holiday prints! … though those places might have better equipment than at home printing … it’s cheaper… 
If you choose to use a photo place I’ve done Walgreen’s and Walmart … I like both of there works. 

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