Mason Jar Snow Globes *How To*

2013 Hatt’s Adventure with Homemade Snow Globes!
the instructions on how to and the prices and how many can be made!

-Glass jar with tight fitting lid (I used a mason jar)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Distilled Water (I used fresh well water but you can get a couple gallons of water at the store cheap)
-Liquid Glycerin (I used LIGHT CORN SYRUP)
-Small plastic trees, animals, houses, other decorations
-ADULT SUPERVISION (sometimes even for the adults!)

What to do:
– with adult help glue the item to inside of the lid and LET DRY
-fill the jar with 3/4 water or about 1/2 if your using corn syrup
-put A FEW pinches of glitter (snow flake glitter if you have it)
-screw lid VERY VERY TIGHT
-turn jar upside down and watch glitter (snow flakes) fall inside the snow globe
-then take the cap off (if you want too add corn syrup) and add a little bit then re-cap and watch the glitter or snow flakes fall inside
for those who want to give added personal touch you can add some ribbon or something special to the base to cover up the lid part… I just wrote 2013 on the bottom of mine so I knew when they where made

A New Tradition in the Hatt’s House!

Homemade SNOW GLOBES! 

Mason Jars $12.00 
Glitter $8.00
Water $0.00 (Fresh Well Water)
Hot Glue Guns $14.00
Glue for Guns $6.00
Animals for Globes $8.00 
Light Corn Syrup $3.00

Total Cost  $51.00 makes 8 snow globes too! Money well spent! With product left over too!

Pictures up shortly!

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