Day Eleven {30 Day’s of Thanks}

Day Eleven:
(Veterans Day)
Day Eleven:  I’m thankful for the past and present men and woman who served/serve our country, that includes my family, my friends and my friends family and friends. I’ve had a lot of my family members join and serve from the army to the navy and to the navy to the air force.
God Bless and thank you! Your heroic actions have not been forgotten by myself and or my children I teach them every day just how lucky we are. Freedom doesn’t come free and most gave the ultimate price their life to make sure their family and friends where safe and giving safety to the world and some are still giving that sacrifice and to you WE THANK YOU!

God Bless and THANK YOU Veterans! & God Bless and Thank You Current ARMY Men & Women, MARINES Men & Women, NAVY Men & Women, AIR FORCE Men & Women, and COAST GUARD Men & Women! 

Thank You to the Following & the one’s I can’t think of presently!

James Austin Weagle (Grandfather)
Brain Edward Weagle (Father)
Josh (Friend)
Todd (Friend)
Shawn (Friend)
Seth (Friend)
Uncle Steve (Family)
Cousin Steve (Family)
Uncle Chris (Family)
Uncle Jeremy (Family)
and those are just the one’s I can think of off the top of my head!!!! But the list is endless… the list is my family no matter if they are friends… they are giving me FREEDOM, they are giving my children FREEDOM and they are keeping my family SAFE! God Bless and THANK YOU!

*Day Ten: was thanking our Police, Fire & EMS*

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