Christmas 2013 … Uh Oh…

Christmas 2013… uh oh… 
What do I do?!

Ahhh it’s almost Christmas time … it’s not that far away either only 45 days to be exact! Yikes… that’s 45 days till Christmas that’s only roughly 40 days till I have to have my shopping complete. 

This year … it’s sad that I’m only going to be able to buy gifts for my mom, father, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother, sister and my son’s and husband. Money is just too TIGHT! With all kinds of bills it’s nerve wracking honestly. So I’ve decided to give to other family members and friends Christmas Photo Cards. 

So for this year i’m thinking professional photo’s and turning some pictures into photo cards for the rest of the family and friends that I want to give gifts too.

Now here’s the thing… 
I want to get my family their gifts but being so tight on funds, I’m maxing everyone on a $20.00 gift total allowance and as I sit here and blog about it I think I’m going to write down in the lower section their name and a couple ideas i’d like to get them. 

Christmas 2013

Crystal & Miah
    -Gift set from place in Holyoke Mall
    -Home gift (maybe kitchen stuff, photo frames, candles, or even wall mirror)

   -Gift set from place in Holyoke Mall

   Necklace (already designed and already been paid for)
    Ring (already designed and already paid for)

    -Holyoke Mall gift set
    -Jewelry (already been plotted and possibly bought)

     -photo frame with pictures
     -possibly that gift thing from Holyoke Mall 

She’s getting something very special from her boys! 

Well then the next step is figuring out how many Christmas cards I’m going to need. Yikes I’m doing photo cards too! And that LIST is going to be long and long that’s going to need some fine tuning.

I’m also thinking that for children that are in my family that I see daily (some through instagram and blogger but others in person)… like my niece/cousin Hailey that all get her something under $10-$15.00 and something for her mom too and I know she see’s my blogs so I won’t hint at what I possibly could be thinking of either. L.O.L!
But then my niece Lydia and her brother Jacob … she’s a preteen and he’s a few years older than my son Sean… hmmm what to get them?

But for my list of people who are getting cards … 

A small idea for the card list is 

Shauna & Family
Grandpa Hatt
Grandpa Fuller & Uncle Becky
Ryan & Gary
Cassie & Family
Sarah & Hailey
Katie & Family (Sarah it’s my Sissy Katie not that BLEEP)
Crystal & Miah & Family
Big Lorne & Family
PK & Wife
Jane & Family
Ange & Family
Aunty Stacy
Misty & Family
Hicks Family
Strangman Family
Linda Robinson & Family
Michael & Family
and I’m sure I’m forgetting a TON… damn that’s already long and that’s off the top of my head… eeeps! 

Guess I better get started… lol


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