Time to make TURKEY HANDS

It’s that time of year… time to make those TURKEY HANDS!!

with thanksgiving right around the corner it’s time for this mama, mom, and mum to get some art supplies to make Turkey Hands. 

Turkey Hands is something for the kids to do while the adults take their turkey hands in each leaf (aka finger) we write five of our utmost important things we are thankful for. 

Last Years Turkey Hands where done only by the kids and we made TURKEY HAND FAMILIES
2012 Turkey Hands made by Sean and Connor with help from

What you’ll need:
-construction paper (colored)
-sharpie markers (different colors)
-white copy paper
-poster paper or board
-PATIENTS (lots)
-camera (or phone that can take pictures cause these arts & crafts are fun to capture)
How to make Turkey Hands:
take child’s hand and with a pencil trace there hand on construction paper once you’ve done that for all the kids cut them out give them a peace of  poster paper or board to figure out where they want to place there turkeys and let them decorate the turkeys and their backgrounds… 
then glue the turkeys in place where they want them then ask them where they’d like there art work hung up … kids love to see you take a interesting in their art work and have it hung up in the house to show off….
Well that’s how you make TURKEY HANDS and that’s how you let them make Turkey Hand Family Picutres!

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