Leaf Rubbings

When I was little… 
Back when I was younger my mom would go outside with us kids and make us pick leaves, all kinds of leaves, and more than one of each. Then she’d bring us inside and get out crayons and white paper and sit us at the dinning room table where she’d show us how to make a leaf rubbing. To us as kids it was the coolest thing in the world and well now as a parent who’s got kids of my own it’s so fun to watch them color a peace of paper just to watch a leaf from underneath appear. 
What you’ll need:
leaves lots of leaves (well it depends on the amount of kids and how long you want to do this project)
white paper (hint you’ll need two pieces of paper at all times when doing this project-  works best that way honestly)
Set the kids up at STATIONS that way there is NO FIGHTING … sometimes they can get a little testy over who’s got what leaves there are never two alike leafs same for snowflakes. 
Then tape the first piece of paper to the table that way it won’t move when they are trying color the second sheet. Then place a leaf a top the tapped peace of paper, then add the second sheet of paper on top (don’t TAPE) could cause a rip in the art work) then give them crayons and watch the master piece come to life! 
again this is something you’ll want to take pictures of especially if you’re anything like me … I take pictures of EVERYTHING… I just love to have memories in photos!

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