Eeeeps!!!! Holiday’s are coming…. I need Ideas!!!!

Oh my with these holidays like thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up right around the corner I’m looking for new ideas to incorporate in my family’s lives. I posted in my other blog but haven’t got much traction there all be sharing my blogs on Facebook to see if I can get some followers and some feed back. But here’s what I am doing for each holiday 

November *Thanksgiving*
-turkey hands (arts & crafts)
-30 days of thanks (arts, crafts & collage) 
-taking can goods to the local servival shelter (or donating to a family in need) 

December *Christmas Eve, &  Christmas
-snowman family 
-open one gift before Santa arrives 
-cookies & carrots with a letter to Santa & the reindeer 
-visiting family (Christmas Eve this year I believe that we are visiting my Grandfather & Mother)
-family dinner (yummy) 
-advent calendar (bought mine already-froze them too) 
-popcorn tree decorations
-paper chains (decorations for tree & house) 
-homemade cards

December *New Years*
-Staying awake for the BALL DROP!!!! 
-Setting goals for 2014

for Thanksgiving and Christmas I’m thinking of photo shoots of my family. 

I’m looking for more arts & crafts, life lessons and activities to do with my family. 

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