30 Day’s of Thanks!!!!

30 Day’s of Thanks
-November’s 2013-
*Everyone on my facebook has been posting these daily status updates with days and the number why they are thankful so I felt that I’d join in a little late but better than never and also do it on my blog site as well.*
So here I start my 30 days of thanks… 6 days into this amainzg task at hand…
Day One: I’m thankful for my life and my health.
Day Two: I’m thankful for my children… Sean, Connor & Kayden they are my insperation and reason of being… I am ment to be a mother, I’m ment to be their mother!
Day Three: I’m thankful for my crazy, handsome and adorable husband, if it wasn’t for him I’d be a little lost in life. Our relationship isn’t like many but he’s been in my life for a long time, he’s seen me fall flat on my face and seen me rise up to the woman I am today we’ve been married since May 2011 and have many years ahead of us!
Day Four: I’m thankful for my family… all of them even the crazy family members and the one’s who I barely see…. you are all still a huge part of my life from photo’s to memories to hopefully we will see each other once again.
Day Five: I’m thankful for my friends the good and the bad… if it wasn’t for the bad I wouldn’t have foud the good and well honestly I’d still be hanging with the wrong croud, but I’m more thankful for the lessons learned and the good friendships that have come out everything that’s happened to me in my life.
Day Six: I’m honestly thankful for my job. If it wasn’t for getting this job my kids wouldn’t be in their school they are now and would’t be excelling at the regually daily life tasks, I’m blessed to have my job at such a wonderful place. My job has opened up many new and exciting doors for my present life and future and I honestly can’t wait to see where I can go from here.

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