… time change … oye vye

… wow …

      time changes … let’s talk! Hmmm back before children I used to get so excited and so bumbed out over the time changes from Spring Ahead to Fall Back, but let’s face it I’m a parent now and well honestly I hate it and now see why my mom just considered it a normal day and now that I think about it what’s so significant about changing the hour ahead and then back?! am I right… now you’ll probably thinking to yourself does she have a point there…?! Seriously I’d love to know what people where thinking when they said oh let’s spring ahead and set the clocks one hour ahead in the spring to get them hopping and then lets turn them sluggish in the fall with a fall back and set the clocks back an hour.

but man oh man have these past few time changes effected my life in ways I’d never thought could happen, but to start I became a parent in 2008 so time change isn’t something to cheer about after kids… it’s sometimes stressful and down right evil.

So Saturday we changed the clocks back an hour before bed… NOT… I forgot to change my microwave and stove… but that’s okay I never really use them, we use our cell phone and cable box to tell us the time. So with that we head off to bed like any normal night … right … well WRONG!

We where up at what felt like 5 am because of this time change and the restless sleep the whole house in countered. It was nice cause we where up earlier and it was really 6 am but to be up then on a sunday wasn’t what we thought would happen. Time change back fired on us and it’s been nothing but a back fire since.

Sean my oldest is alright with it yet he gets up an hour before the house and comes up to us and wakes us up… Connor fights SLEEP period… nothing new except in the morning he hates getting up and well Kayden isn’t taking to this time change since it’s effecting his sleep pattern as last week when it was what’s 7 now was 8 then so he’s fussy for an hour before bed only because we don’t want him down at 7pm and up at 5pm which on hine sight this week has been nice we’ve yet to be late to both school and work.

But what does this time change really do to us… besides mess up sleep habbits that take some time to implaint on fussy kids I will honestly never know and will never understand.

As for my life with sleep that’s something that I won’t see until their teenage years… I’ve officially found the reasons to why my mother hates time changes and never really cared for them.


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