Best Part of my LIFE

The best part of my life is raising my children. Those little ones depend on me to give them everything and I depend on them to teach me things you can’t learn in school. They’ve already taught me so much in such a short time. 

Kayden and his mama (me of course)

Connor and his mummy (me of course)

Sean and his MOM!!!! (yeah we are silly that’s for sure) 

My boys have had me in their lives since the day they where conceived, and ever since then as well. My life is for them… as they’ve saved me in a special way that only I and them know and will share when they are old enough to know. 
my oldest who’s pictured last is my photographer of my kids and my middle child who’s pictures second is my comedian and the last boy and one who’s pictured first is my combination of the two … these boys keep me on my toes, smiling and laughing & remebering to sweat the little things in life for we only have moments & memories & those are what matter. 

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