Halloween 2013

Trick or Treat… smell my whaaaa?! Nawh….  but Halloween was a damp one to say the least.

On October 31st of 2013 after what seemed like a Halloween not to come for most due to New England’s Mother Nature shedding some lovely rain on us… she held off long enough for those cute little critters, goblins, gools, and ghosts to go trick or treating. So along with trick or treating this year we changed it up … instead of treating at random houses and homes we hit up family members only… though next year it’s going to change.

But all share some pictures from HALLOWEEN 2013!

Halloween Candy with Pumpkin’s
Sean’s pumpkin is on the left Connor’s is on the right

Kayden’s waaa look when looking at his mama in costume 

A Mother, Mummy, Mama and her son’s!

Daddy & his older boys ringing the door bell to HOME #1

Kayden (second Halloween costume)

he made such a cute bug’s bunny

Bugs and Batman!

Bugs and Aunty


Sean trick or treating at Aunty’s 

a little spooked and looking for daddy yet mommy was there so he was alright

trick or treating at Aunty’s house

Connor having a blast with the decorations 

Sean trick or treating at the THIRD HOUSE 

Connor running up to the house… *Grandpa Weagle’s house*

sitting on the couch accepting trick or treat bags 🙂 {Not filled with just candy either!}

Rawr! from Uncle James at the forth house… trick or treat ended at Mom’s!

Kids made out like bandits! They had so much fun too… even if it was just for a little bit… next year we will be more prepared and ready!


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