Merging BLOGS!!!!

after attempting to keep eight, yes you read that right eight different blogs on blogger up and running I’ve officially merged them into 3 personal one’s and still have the forth which I co-blog with another co-worker and friend. 
My Personal Blogs are the following…
Life as I know it as a Wife, Mom, Mum, & Mama!
Arts & Crafts with a Touch of Country
Country Cooking in New England
The blog I Co-Blog and founded is ….
Cutting Coupons the way to Saving$$$$ & Smart Meal Planning
I THINK THIS LINK MIGHT CHANGE… as it’s now two mom’s co-blogging and I’m thinking of changing the name a little bit … but all be seeking co-bloggers input on such changes before changing them. 
Well there we have it I’ve merged from 8 to 4 and I’m very pleased… I’m also on tumblr too!

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