Mason Jar (Flavored Water)

Well I found it fun to try some new flavored water that wasn’t fuzzy or bubbly as my kids say…

So I bought some mason jars (I love mason jars- they have a billion uses I swear) 
they can be clear or colored your preference I own both 😀 
 …. I filled mine about 3/4th the way to the top saving room for the natural flavor. 
{for that I used FRESH FRUIT}

I did some with lemon and limes cause I love lemon/lime soda (sprite) 

but I also did some with black raspberries and raspberries 
I also froze natural flavored ice (all blog that later) 
once they are infused let them sit in the fridge for at least two hours so the flavor can fuse into the water and so that the fruit juices can settle in with the water …. then just remove the top add some ice if you choice to mix fruit infused ice with it (coming in my next blog) and well ENJOY!!!!
healthy and kid fun especially when making 

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