Halloween Malloween 2013

Malloween 2013
it’s that time of the year again… HALLOWEEN and down at the Hampshire mall they host the yearly HALLOWEEN MALLOWEEN Trick or Treat event for the little kids. 

Well since I can’t write this blog before the event all write it after the lovely event, Oh my this night was a night to remember. The boys all of them had fun dressing in their costumes and trick or treating in the mall … they saw family and friends.
Connor was my Batman, Sean was my Red Power Ranger and well Kayden was my little Teddy Bear. They where so adorable… all add photo’s later from my phone. 
We started in Target and walked the whole mall seeing two of their Aunts and they made out alright not as many stores as last year but that’s okay we had fun never the less and of course Grandma Fuller the owner of M Fuller Photography was there shooting pictures of this event. 
Well after trick or treating and eating some of the candy it was time to head home and head off to dream land to get ready for their PJ Party at school tomorrow. 
Can’t wait to do this again next year… this is the one time we can be kids and love it! Next year I’m dressing up with them. 

Kayden is my cute and cuddly Teddy Bear at 11months old (costume one for him cause on Halloween he might be bugs bunny) 

Connor as my Mr. Batman!!!! My hero!!!!

Sean as Red Power Ranger not wanting to miss collecting candy 

trick or treating in the Hampshire Mall for their event 

(that is their Aunty Lexi) 

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