Planning NOVEMEBER’s Date!!!!

Well it’s getting closer to November 2013
I’m getting bored with this blog only because I’ve been slacking not because I’m bored with my husband… ha ha ha that’s the first people assume. 
So as we sit and dread the upcoming month of November 2013 we ponder on what’s going to happen this coming month.
well first off 
KAYDEN turns the BIG 1!
and Vacation! (trip/round 2)
So let’s see we have to plan the date night around all the craziness that’s going to happen… Eeeeps! Hmmm well this year going to black Friday might be impossible but that’s okay I’d rather spend money last minute at a store buying a couple gifts. My kids aren’t going to get much from dad and mom or Santa this year sadly unless I can come up with some MAGIC MONEY … but that’s for a separate blog.
So we are thinking possible seeing a movie… we aren’t taking the kids out of school for many vacations just cause we want them to see their friends and what not. 
So hmm I’m running out of DATE NIGHT OUTSIDE HOUSE IDEAS… 
thankfully we’ve only got November and December left for 2013 but then we run into 2014! Ahhhh Eeeeps! 
Well here is my rant on keeping a date night alive when you start to run out things to do. Trust me it’s hard with three kids, three dogs, and kittens and with family who’s simply afraid of my animals… 
November’s date night has been decided after writing this blog we are going to see a MOVIE! Not sure which day or night but we are aware of roughly the idea of when!

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