Animal Photography … my past & present pets

So I love taking pictures of my pets… they just make for some amazing pictures because you can catch them at a whim and they never really understand what you are honestly doing. We know they know we are watching them which makes it all the more interesting. 
So I’ve decided to share some photo’s of both past and present animals of ours. I’ve got a thing for photography and it’s been something I’ve done since middle school. I still have my black and white photography binder back when I did a project with the campus near where I lived with one of their students … lord help me for I’ve forgotten her name. 
Pet’s past & present photography
Twitch aka Rodent 
Patches but he’s moved to a new location


Max (my newest addition)

Blacky aka Spooks and Bubbles

Hershey and the kitties

I have to locate pictures of Gizmo, Simba and our other pets we’ve had plenty over the years and I’ll go back to my childhood to grab some pictures too if they can be located 


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