UMass Amherst Photography

Well I’m weird and like to take photography of like everything… that catches my eye of course… and UMass and Amherst both catch my eyes in ways of new light set forth. I’m young so I’m seeing things first hand in two different very unique perspectives which makes for some interesting photography.
This was the UMass Band during their Homecoming Parade last week (that halted a lot of Amherst and other town commuters)

 A better and closer picture of the UMass Band

The UMass Bikepath Connector *My walk to and from work*

my lovely parking lot the skyline was to awesome

UMass Amherst

Whitmore Administration Building the place where MAGIC HAPPENS

UMass Amherst (Drive By)

UMass Amherst

Just UMass

another view of the bikepath

 driving through UMass

We aren’t strangers to Amherst Ambulances

Bikepath Connector is beautiful during the autumn season

 in love with the colors


Sunrays and the sun attacking UMass

 what a beautiful walk to LOT 33


Flags at the HorseShoe of UMass (keep in mind there are many apparently)

 UMass Horse Farm beautiful colors during the autumn sunset

 UMass Amherst Stonehinge

Foggy morning in UMass

 foggy yet peaceful

leaving work and the sunshining is a GOOD THING

 UMass has colors beautiful colors *autumn is wonderful this time of year*

 people spying (UMass Amherst)

 ARMY ROTC UMass Amherst

 bikepath connector sign

UMass backroads


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