Crazy Weekend!!!!

Well this past weekend the Hatt’s including myself went on road trip vacations, cheaper than one very long vacation and with the comfort of home at the end.

So on Friday we drove off to New York and for most parents that sound like a horror film, three kids a three hour car ride there and back making for a six hour car ride… most wouldn’t do it, well my kids age rang from 5 years old to 2 years 9 months and well 10 months and well they where quite wonderful to be honest. We are lucky enough to thave my suv that has a dvd player in it which gave the boys time to watch educational movies bout shapes, colors, and objects which was great becase as we came into the city they stopped waiting the dvd’s and started telling us what was going on around us, it’s always nice to hear children express their thirst for knowledge and their understanding of surroundings. We parked our SUV took out our strollers and well blended in to the crowd of New York City and missed our chance for the Zoo as we arrived later than we planned but still got to share some insite to my children about 9/11 and just how special our son was. That day was a horrible day in hystory and still and always will be but for my husband and I it’s also a great blessing that gives me hope for a better future.

Saturday we had some family fun with Mc Cray’s Farm with PUMPKINS! Minus the rif-raf of rude family that thought they could well just INVITE themselves and well this mama put an end to that real quick… my SUV and my kids they could go my suv would stay and well I’d leave … I’m tired of certain things and well my kids after that didn’t really want to go with out mom because it was my idea. Yes they saw me get upset and leave the room no there wasn’t anything harshly said … all I know is that my son’s have come to their own conclusions of people. I will never tell them they can’t think for themselves either. So after that war far was ended we left and went and got the biggest pumpkins the kids could find and well we finally carved them and by we I mean me. But we did get some more at local store and farm.

Sunday … wow we made it to Sunday in our day vacations and well that day and all weekend I kinda kept quiet didn’t talk to anyone didn’t really want to either. So we headed off to Kittery, Maine where we met up with my sister Nicky and spent the day doing some SHOPPING. Totally worth it cause my kids got to see their Aunt, I got to see my sister & get some stuff for myself, the boys and well the house. A fun day with amazing memories.

Can’t wait for what the rest of October has instore for us and can’t wait for some more DAY CATIONS that are coming in November! Well buh bye talk soon as I’ve got some exciting blogging to do about school picturse later when I get more information!



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