So Relieved!!!!

Wow… kind of happy to put the last two weeks behind me, with vacation and travel to family and drama that lead to break downs and some fights and me standing my ground to me ignoring EVERYONE so please don’t take offense I just needed some chill down away space … a lot had happened (most cause by family who needs a lesson or two taught to them) but that’s okay it’s not my place to teach lessons let alone teach an adult how to be one either.

After a crazy week before my week that lead to my vacation we had unwanted news that unwatned family would be coming up … so on top of being sick and missing work leading to my vacation where i’d be missing more work i wasn’t thrilled especially when they decided to invite themselves to a preplanned event that i’d been planning for MONTHS with my mother in law. And that of course only lead to a huge fight and me very upset and having people not understand and made me out to be the bad guy was worse.

But besides that… vacation was a blast we went to New York then Mc Cray’s and finally we eneded it in Kittery Maine where we visited with my sister Nicole. I choose to be very unchatty with everyone that weekend after being in fights with many people. So sorry for those who I just didn’t talk to … oh and this week wasn’t no peaches and cream either seriously I swear this world is full of stupid people and some that shouldn’t be allowed to parent let alone be near children … (people are going to assume on this one but no one know’s what I’m talking about except my sister K.T.)

But oh well weekend is here shortly and I’m going to prepare myself for nothing but fun! Fun with my babies and our family. Oye and the farm life next door … ugh WISH they never came sometimes because they are more issues than anything seriously … UGH Oh well what can ya do oh… you can be like me and put a fence up… and make life a whole lot easier and less stressful … might cost some money but it will be worth it…

Oh well post over rant over blog entry done… gonna have to wait for my weekend wrap up come monday!


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