Healthy Work Snacks

Well I bought these neat “Snapware” containers at Stop & Shop in Hadley awhile ago (like a month ago) so this week has been crazy and since we are tight on money and the cafe at work is horrible over priced, I started bring snacks to work. Yes my drawer still has snacks but they aren’t healthy and I’m going to get rid of them come Monday. So I’ve had pretzels and yeah a little chocolate… keep in mind I’m a woman and if you choose to live you’ll understand. :p ha ha ha yeah put two and two together.

So this coming week I’m planning out healthy snacks for work…

So I’m thinking carrots, celery, veggie dip, and apples along with my pretzels *YUM* Going to have to buy some more SNAPWARE containers though cause I doubt mine will fit well and pray that my lunch bag will hold all my snacks. I don’t really take a lunch I kinda pick at snacks all day and I’m fine with it it’s actually healthier for you and is the main way to actually achieving your diet success. (Trust me I know I spoke to someone about it)

But that only does some of my work days cause don’t get me wrong I’d love to eat that stuff all the time but I don’t think that I want to become a rabbit anytime soon. I was thinking bout bringing pickles to munch on too DILL of course. Any ideas from mom’s who work and bring food.

I’m going to start bringing my Mason Jar fruit infused water detox to help keep myself going with out the need for caffienee and soda.


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