Yikes !!!! I HATE getting SICK!!!!

Okay so last week on Wednesday I left work early cause I wasn’t feeling well… then Thursday I was absent not only myself but my youngest I had accidentally gotten him sick or vise versa comes with children in school, asthma and so forth.

On Wednesday last week after leaving work I went home and crashed … sick and congested then Thursday I stayed home only to get a call to pick up my youngest child who was sick with what appeared to be a tummy ache cause he was fine after a nap and some tummy gas relief medication (yay) but to my concern my middle child’s asthma had flaired up while we where in New York which didn’t help cause that place is full of smog. I of course was still blah and went anyways. But never the less we provide fun for our children no matter how we feel. So after that trip once home we unloaded and went straight to bed, cause our weekend was booked. But Sunday was another day of travels too… so eating wasn’t healthy no on time on on track for myself … oops!
On Tuesday, October 15th I was feeling weird cause I was constantly hunger and for those going to say she’s pregnant that is very much NOT THE CASE IM VERY MUCH ON THE RAG!!!! (yes I’m on my period!!!!) I weighed myself on my scale to see I had dropped to 100lbs (apparently when I get sick I loose weight) this happened before after my son Connor and before I had children and when I had a eating disorder in highschool. I then weighed myself again on October 16th to notice I gained a pound whoopsie I need to gain 14 more to get back to my 115 …. ugh so to achieve that goal here are my tactics.
Smaller snacks through out the day to counter attack all the walking from work to my car then have my normal lunch and dinner I never honestly have time for breakfast and it’s kinda over rated these days. 
So let’s see if by October 25th I can be back at my respected goal of 115 pounds…. woot woot goals!!!!
Well that’s my weight struggle store for this week after being ill. 

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