Hatt Family take on McCray’s Farm for some Pumpkin Picking!

On Saturday, October 12th, 2013 after a horrible morning and some minor set backs my day with my mother-in-law and family went smoothly it only took some hard core bitching. Well to change the negative feelings this blog might take this is a family issue that needed to be nipped quick. Well after all that’s said and done my boy’s, my husband, mother in law and self had a wonderful day.

We went to McCray’s Farm in South Hadley to go on their tractor ride to the pumpkin patch… to be honest my first as well as my kids. I never picked a pumpkin before until that Saturday … well grabbing pumpkin’s at store doesn’t count… you just grab one you like picking in a patch is work.


Connor, Dad, Grandma Shirley

Dad, Connor, Mom, & Kayden

Kayden & Mom

Connor & Sean

Kayden, Mom, & Sean

CLOSE UP *edited photo*

Dad, Connor & Grandma Shirley *Connor’s really excited*


Sean explaining things to us all 

Chilling on the tractor 

anxious for take off

sneaking pictures of the mother in law

My boys & myself 🙂 

of course as soon as I snap the pic he looks away and blinks 

this is the life tractor rides 

what a view

part of the Haunted Hay Ride at McCrays

I gotta say this life hits home

Sean and Mom 

Sean, Mom and Kayden 

Sean and Kayden 

Sean pointing at PUMPKINS

driving through the CORN FIELDS 

excited bout the drive through the corn field 

even if it looked like it was going to storm it was still a pretty view

My boy’s in the pumpkin patch picking pumpkins

Kayden and his pumpkin his expression is the best

getting ready to take a bite outta his pumpkin

in deep thought of what is in his hands

love his expressions

I love this picture of my little man and me with his first pumpkin!

seriously tried to eat his pumpkin

not sure if he likes it

running through the pumpkin patch trying to find the PERFECT pumpkins

in search of the perfect pumpkin!

“Dad, look I found it… the perfect pumpkin for Kayden” as Connor yelled through the pumpkin patch!

Dad carrying Connor’s pumpkin!

Grandma watching her little guys pick their pumpkins

Grandma giving kisses to her little guy with his pumpkin!

laughing while taking pictures of myself and Kayden because we watched daddy almost loose the pumpkin

Snuggles on the ride back to McCray’s 


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