Hatt Family takes on Kittery, Maine for some vacation time!

The Hatt’s TAKE on Kittery, Maine! 

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 my husband and I decided it would be fun to meet up with my Sis Nicole, we planned for a lovely trip to Kittery, Maine after debating on the ride to Portland, Maine and how long the kids would be in the car and so forth. Which was fine cause I didn’t mind the site seeing, tourist shopping crazy weekend that we where having. We got to explore YUMMIES and let me tell you… that place is like to DIE FOR!!!!! Candy stacked to the ceiling from the floor, and home made fudge… yup a trip back there is going to happen I don’t care what the Hubby says either. We also hit my favorite store up Coach, got some neat ideas for Christmas gifts for myself… had to point out my wish list to my hubby. (My husband & I have agreed to get each other only ONE gift this year and focus on the kids- I’m sure all get him two or three but all spend most on the kids)
ready set go

yup that’s me all the way!

almost to the Maine line!

Entering MAINE

beautiful views


it was surrounded by water 🙂 

New Hampshire (yeah the pictures are out of order)


We’ve been REUNITED at LAST 🙂 

Kittery Trading Post *Kayden in a CoonHat*


My little photographer… can’t wait to see his photo’s (he used my camera in New York and Maine)


sight seeing 

Kittery Trading Post

Black n White see you later’s rather than in Color Goodbye’s 


beautiful views

Sunset in Maine on the bridge 

New Hampshire 

Highway Sunset in New Hampshire

Sunset in Massachusetts 

So after a lovely day in Maine with my babies and my sister I have to say it was worth all the time spent in the car to see them smile when they got to see their Aunt and God Mother. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful friend, sister and bestie in my life. I know that our small get together’s with the kids mean the most to them.


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