Hatt Family take on New York City to see the sights!

Well Vacation came and went and with vacation came pictures and memories!

   Well on Friday, October 11th, 2013 we decided to drive out to New York to see the 9/11 memorial site and well we tried to shoot for the Bronx Zoo but because of our late start that wasn’t going to happen. But either way we went to New York and had a BLAST! Even though I was still congested and my kids where a little eehhh we still decided to get up and go! Lot’s of driving, lots of giggles and “are we there yet” and “are we on a big highway or little highway” must say traveling with my kids isn’t too bad I’m quiet blessed. 

Kayden catching some ZZZZs during naptime (his normal school routine)

Sean drinking some juice 

Connor just checking out the views around the SUV

My Boys!

We got them McDonalds and then they became BATBOYS

Husband & Wife * he is lucky i let him drive *


Double Layered Bridge

photography *my views*

This art has history (9/11)

Rebuilding the towers

Sean, Dad, and Connor at the 9/11 Memorial 
Tower 9/11

North Pool (Tower One)
better picture of the North Pool

Husband & Wife Remembering those lost (9/11/2001)

Only TREE to survive 

9/11 outside Port Authority 

New York Skyline during the day!


Well for our first trip to New York it was a wonderful trip, with ton’s of lesson’s learned. Can’t wait to go back next year except earlier, little more money & well the day planned out a little bit better first trips are to get the kinks out and to figure out the area. (Government shutdown killed lots of our plans)


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