Creamy Chicken and Rice (Rice Slop)

Creamy Chicken & Rice (Rice Slop)

Creamy Chicken & Rice for my whole life has been know as Rice Slop, but I gave it a new name for the sole purpose of sharing it with others. It can be used as just or soup or added to make a nice main dish, but that’s for another entry at a later date! Woot Woot off to sharing the SOUP!

This is a wonderful creamy soup for those who like hearty soups in the winter. Sorry this isn’t a crock pot soup either… but it is a nice ten minute meal!

What you’ll need…
-bowl with matching lid
-sauce pan
-soup spoon
-butter knife
-measuring cup

Food Item’s
-Minute Rice (WHITE)
-Cream of Chicken Campbell’s (best soup ever!)
-Whole Milk (recipe only works with whole milk have tried others and it doesn’t seem to hold)
-Salt, Pepper, Season Salt, Garlic Powder

Okay now we are ready 

Once you’ve measured the desired amount of rice pour that in the bowl with the matching cover. Then hopefully you’ve remembered how much rice is in the bowl cause you need to get that exact amount in water and of course pour that into the sauce pan and bring to a boil, when I do this I add a sprinkle or two of salt.
Once the water comes to a boil add the water to the bowl that has the rice then cover the bowl with matching cover (works best if you use a tupperware bowl with matching lid or even a rubbermaid container).
Then using the same heated up sauce pan … open the can of cream of chicken (you can use cream of chicken or any cream of … something soup this just works best in my favor cause it’s the one I really like) once soup is in sauce pan use the soup can itself and measure out the full can’s worth of WHOLE MILK trust me this is the one time you’d want to follow directions and not make changes… unless you don’t care how food tastes.

Once that’s been measured out slowly add the milk to the soup stirring them until it makes a thick cream (it does have chunks of chicken in it so beware that you may see some small pink pieces in it) heat until it’s to the right temp. for you… I usually wait till I see some steam rise from the pan it self (mainly the contents inside the pan)

Once that’s cooked and there is no sign of water in the rice bowl mix the two together. Then season to the desired amount, some may like it a little spicy some may not want the want the garlic some may also not want the season salt either … to each is own you really can put any season in it if you choose. Possibilities are honestly endless.

And then serve… it’s nice and is a ten minute meal even though this entry sounds endless it’s really face paced when doing it… I just broke it down… So make and enjoy and tell me what you did to change it up… all post the other Creamy Chicken & Rice Meal later… (Pictures will be added shortly)


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