Oh my where does the time go…?! Connors in preschool now!!!!

Ahhh!!!! Where has the time gone?! My little man Connor has grown up into a wonderful young man but is now taking the next step in PreSchool. 

Well today is October 7th … and yeah it’s the seventh day of the stupid government shutdown that’s causing worry and fear in the lives of hard working families, but for me I’m not letting that stop my children from experiencing all their best childhood memories and that mean’s school. We’ve been threatened to be shut down cause of the government shutdown thanks to Obama and this lovely government but that’s not keeping my kids from smiling about attending school till they are told they can’t anymore. They will surely miss their friends but they will be even more excited when they can go back… and well I’m gonna pray that something happens magically over night! But today is my middle man’s first day of PreSchool he was in the daycare section cause of the age grouping but he official moved to the big boy room and he’s with his cousin Logan! Which is totally sweet, and makes me and my sister happy that the kids are doing so well in school together. Cousins in class and brothers on campus that school is def. getting a run for their money. I’m horribly excited with the fact that they have school pictures this year and their day is October 22 but that’s if they remain open, which they are all praying that they will stay open. But enough about that government shutdown lets getting ready for this awesome week of school for these very happy babies! More pictures as I get them! I love sharing pictures of my babies and all their achievements. 

Connor is all smiles about his first day of PreSchool

Mommy & Son 
Kisses for my big boy!
love love love love this happy over excited boy
walking to school from the parking lot with tons of smiles

-what’s next for these cuties only time will tell and I’m not going to stop them from achieving everything that they put their hearts into … they are the next generation and they need to know that they can achieve anything that they believe is worth fighting for!


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